As my third year anniversary approaches I reflect on some of the great things that have come from my attack.
Firstly, everything if better. To clarify this I mean, as I lay after my attack dying from loss of blood I was aware that I would never see the people I love again. Well I made it through and I see them all the time! We still have our differences BUT we are all aware that we may never have had this chance, a hug from a loved one is priceless don’t waste them and hand them out freely. Even when we are not close to each other, everyone knows how we feel.

Mates, true mates will paddle over to you with a 10 foot shark circling underneath and drag you out of the surf! They will share good and bad times with you and they will help you celebrate how great it is to be alive. They will laugh at how you can’t now do things (as they step in and help). I have received so much compassion and help from friends that I can never ever repay them.

Survivors, I have met, emailed, talked and messaged some great survivors and all of them are family to me. The trials that some have been through is just outstanding and how strong they can be is amazing.
They don’t have to agree with my thoughts and beliefs and I don’t have to agree with theirs. A shark attack provokes differing feelings in different people, some want to now fight for shark conservation some don’t, some turn to religion and some don’t. Nobody can be blamed for how they feel , we just need to respect each others views.
Helping and talking with other survivors is a privilege, trying to offer comfort and help any way I can and sharing experiences etc. The shark does not discriminate who it attacks so we should not either.

Ah yes it’s been a hard 3 years, 3 years of my second life, my freebie, but it has been a great 3 years! Dave