New deadly shark attack in Reunion

A 15 year old girl died. The attack took place on Monday in a bathing area “near the marine cemetery” of the island

A 15 year old girl was killed by a shark Monday

A 15 year old girl was killed by a shark this Monday, July 15 in the Bay of Saint-Paul, on the island of Reunion, says the chain meeting first .

The young victim “swimming and snorkeling, just 5 meters from the edge,” says Surf Session .

The girl, who lives with his mother in France, was on vacation at the meeting with his father, head of a yacht club in St. Paul.
She bathed with another girl her age, who came out of water when the tragedy occurred.

This is the second fatal shark attack on the island since the beginning of the year, the fifth since 2011, most recently in May 8, when a metropolitan tourist, 36, on their honeymoon, was attacked and killed last May by a shark in Saint-Gilles while he was surfing.

This is the first time to the island of Reunion, a person is killed by a shark while swimming. All other casualties were surfers.

This is the fifth fatal attack in two years, under a total of 19 since 1980.

Reunion Island Shark Attacks

Reunion Island Shark Attacks