First death by shark attack of the year is confirmed in Pernambuco

Decision of IML was released on Thursday (6). The body of José Rogério Tavares da Silva,
41, was found on May 28 in Cabo de Santo Agostinho

The State Committee for Monitoring Incidents with Sharks (Cimit) confirmed on Thursday (6), the
first case of death by shark attack recorded in 2013 in Pernambuco. According to the agency,
which released report of the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML), José Rogério Tavares da Silva,
41, found dead in Paiva Beach, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Litoral Sul State, on May 28, died
victim of bites of a large animal.

“The IML completely ruled out the possibility that the victim died drowned and later bitten by a
shark. Cause of death of man bites were the animal,” said Dr. Rosangela Lessa, president Cimit.
Also according to the President, the report also points out the IML that the incident occurred about
three days before the body was found. “Everything indicates that the attack happened in the Coral
Cove (also in the municipality of Cabo), where the victim was last seen on May 25, three days
before the date on which the body was found. According to the niece of Joseph Rogério, he used
to drink and must have entered the sea after consuming booze, which may have facilitated the
accident, “he pointed out.

Dr. Rosangela also reported that the presence of sharks is normal in the Coral Cove and the
attitude of the victim may have contributed to the attack. “Many cases of shark attacks happen
when swimmers who can not swim in the sea come after ingesting booze. This is very risky,” he
concluded. With this case, increases to 58 the number of victims of animal attacks in the state.
The incidents began being recorded 21 years ago.

SOURCE: JC Online,