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All aspects of our organization and sites are Setup, Run, and Operated by Shark Attack Survivors!

We are a growing group of shark attack survivors willing to assist other shark attack survivors deal with the unique experience of being attacked by a shark. We basically provide resources, information, and assistance to past, present, and future shark attack survivors and their families also the family members and friends of those who sadly didn’t survive the incident.

In order to provide the best services we are also researching what are the effects on humans involved in shark attacks. Things like, how long it takes for survivors to return to the water, how did the incident change the persons lives, what are survivors thoughts on sharks after their incident, how severe is a survivors PTSD and so on.

Each shark attack has unique circumstances that led to the attack and each attack has unique circumstances mostly overlooked by many except for the survivor and their family that occur after the shark attack.

Just to name a few:

Medical Bills

News Media

Shark Researchers


Fear of the water

Long recovery

Others may:

Write books

Make Documentaries

Inspire others

Educate others on water safety

Educate others on Shark Conservation

For some the experience changed their life very little or not at all, while others the experience was severe traumatic event that changes their lives and the lives of their family members every day.

So far some of the things we have learned from other survivors about their post Shark Attack experiences make the actual shark attack the least painful.

The Government Actions after the attack.

How the Attack was investigated

Who and for what purpose was the attack investigated.

How it was recorded in the classified files.

The physical and mental therapy required to recovery.

How severely damaged a human can be from a small shark bite.

The Land Sharks

If you can’t afford the entire medical bill and seek help. The people who show up as expert witnesses to ensure you’ll never get any help (will really shock you).