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30. July 2012

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The Mayor of a single Reunion commune opens the hunt for bull sharks
Authorities pay 2,- Euros per kilogram shark caught

Today Thierry Robert, the mayor of Saint-Leu, has issued a decree in which he allows the fishing for bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) all along the coast of Saint-Leu.

The commune of Saint-Leu is located south of Trois-Bassins where a surfer was fatally mauled by a shark last week (see here).

The mayor says that he ‘must act to safeguard the security of goods and people of his town’.
He also stresses that there is an economic interest for the city of Saint-Leu to maintain all leisure activities at sea within its territory.

Mr. Robert has made his announcement just days after protesters rallied in front of the prefecture building in Saint-Denis (see here).

“The hunt for bull sharks is permitted by any means, including spearfishing, day and night, throughout the maritime community of Saint-Leu, under the responsibility of the mayor and in accordance to the General Code of Local Authorities ( from shoreline to a limit of 300 meters from shore ).” the first article of the decree is quoted by a local information site.

To monitor these fishing activities, article 2 states that the killed predators should be handed over to municipality services at the marina of the city.

As a financial incentive to do so, the commune has agreed to pay for bull sharks with a minimum length of 1.50 metres. The fishermen will receive 2 Euros per kilogram ‘live weight’ for the first thirty bull sharks brought to the marina, starting from the date of publication of this order.

Like any administrative act, this order may be appealed to the Administrative Court within two months after its publication. But (according to another source) once transmitted to the prefecture, the implementation of the decree is only a matter of hours.


Because of the series of shark bite incidents, the authorities of Reunion Island already conducted a shark-fishing-operation last year that lasted for three days ( 27.-29. Sept 2011 ).
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UPDATE August 1st :   Deputy Mayor Robert withdraws Shark Cull Order

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